About our Special Occasion Cakes

  • Lead Time
    • Nearly all flavor, design and size options are available to you with a 14 day notice. Fewer options are available with less lead time. Cakes using yellow sponge cake generally have fewer lead time constraints. We will always do our best to find a good solution for your special occasion.

  • Placing Your Order
    • If you want a specific cake design found in our gallery, order online if you’re ordering at least 10 days in advance. Please call (920-339-9144) or stop in for other orders. We can generally serve you better before or after our lunch time (11am – 2pm). For more involved ideas we recommend scheduling an appointment.

  • Select Your Flavor
    • cake slice

      Our special occasion cakes are constructed in the European tradition of torting and assemblying many layers of cakes, creams and flavorful fillings. With typically 12 or more layers, they are carefully crafted to create the outstanding flavor and texture we are known for.

      We Highly Recommend:

      1. • Lemon/Raspberry—Layers of yellow sponge cake, fresh lemon curd, imported raspberry filling, with buttercream

      2. • Lemon—Layers of yellow sponge cake, fresh lemon curd, with lemon buttercream

      3. • White Chocolate—Layers yellow sponge cake, white chocolate ganache, vanilla buttercream and whipped cream

      We Also Recommend:

      1. • Apricot—Layers of yellow sponge cake, imported apricot filling, vanilla buttercream

      2. • Apricot/Chocolate—Yellow sponge cake, imported apricot filling, chocolate buttercream

      3. • Chocolate & Custard—Yellow sponge cake, chocolate ganache, our special mousseline cream

      Other Flavors: (These typically require a minimum 1 week notice)

      1. • Red Velvet—Red velvet cake with traditional red velvet icing

      2. • Chocolate—Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream

      3. • Chocolate/Raspberry, Apricot or Orange—Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, fruit filling

      4. • Chocolate & Cream—Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, whipped cream

      5. • Chocolate with White Chocolate Ganache—Chocolate cake, white chocolate ganache, whipped cream

      6. • Chocolate Caramel Cream—Chocolate cake, caramel, caramel buttercream, whipped cream

      Additional Specialty Cake Options:

      1. • Carrot Cake—Carrot cake, cream cheese frosting. The unique texture of this rustic cake limits the decorating options of this cake. Available in single tier sizes only.

      2. • Tiramisu—Yellow coffee-soaked chiffon cake, mocha mascarpone buttercream. Available as sheetcakes or 10" round or smaller only.

  • Select the Size
  • Pricing
    • Size, flavor, finish and decoration all influence cake pricing. The majority of custom cakes are $45 and up. In general, the base price of cakes using yellow sponge cake is less than the base price for all other cakes.

  • Storing & transporting your cake
    • We recommend keeping your Alpha Delights custom cake refrigerated until about a half-hour before your party begins or the time you plan to serve the cake.

      Please let us know when you place your order whether you will be transporting your special occasion cake beyond the Green Bay area. Some cakes like to travel more than others! Special accommodations can often be made to ensure the safe transport of your cake over long distances.

  • Slicing guide
    • Cake Slice Sizes:

      1. For 4" tall cakes – 2" x 2" (party slice), 2" x 1" (wedding slice)
      2. For 2" tall sheet cakes – 2" x 3" (standard slice), 2" x 2" (small slice)

      How to cut Round Cakes:

      Cake Cutting Guide

      Measure in 2" from the outer edge of the cake. With your knife in a vertical position, cut an inner circle. Then begin slicing around the cake to that inner circle. After you’ve served all the outer pieces, repeat this process for larger cakes. Cut the center core into 2, 3, 4 or 6 pieces depending on size.

      Traditional wedge cuts are not recommended for cakes 10" or larger in diameter.

  • Tips for cutting your cake
      1. • Use a stiff, narrow blade knife that’s long enough to reach over half way to the center of the cake.

      2. • Avoid serrated knives

      3. • Wipe crumbs off the knife between each cut.

      4. • Warm the knife blade between each cut by putting it under warm running tap water or by dipping it into a container of hot water.

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